Your  project is important-whether it's  Video, IVR/On hold messaging, E-training or Corporate narration. This may be your first time as a "voice seeker" or just looking for an updated sound for your message. You expect studio quality voice over audio, a way to direct from your home office, edited voice files to upload-delivered on time. Whether you're an entrepreneur, local business or national corporation, Donna will partner with you to get it done the right way-the first time. 



Donna Smith's voice sounds sincere because she IS sincere: A person of outstanding character and a consummate professional voice over artist. Supply her with good copy, and she is able to intuitively deliver the perfect cadence, tone and inflections to effectively communicate your message on the first take.

Randall Harp, Chapel Hill Media

It’s always a pleasure to work with Donna. When I send her a script to record, she always sends me back a professional, polished recording every time. Her turnaround time is also on point. All of my clients that request her, find her voice tone very friendly, uplifting and always professional. I will continue to work with Donna for however long she is available.

  D.J. Drake, Worldly Voices

In the rapid fire audio/video production industry that I am in, having the opportunity to work with pros like Donna makes my life a whole lot easier and that is a very good thing.

Tom Russo,  L&R Productions


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About Donna

Donna's voice has been described as "cool" because it has a little bit of rasp and low resonance.   At the same time it's "golden" warm, mature and polished .  So, you get the best of both worlds- cool with a touch of gold.   But it's her conversational and professional tone that State Farm Bank trusts as their Interactive Voice.   Just one of many clients that benefit from her 20 years experience. Donna's messaging sounds helpful and trustworthy, putting customers at ease.  She's  approachable- something her Corporate Narration and E-learning clients count on.  Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies regularly rely on her to guide their patients with a reassuring tone. 
Coming from a broadcast and production background, Donna can make it fun too-with commercials and promos.



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